Learning Styles Tutoring offers Virtual, In-home or Central Location tutoring in all subject areas, focusing grades Pre-K thru 8th and High School Math 

We basically do it all! We have about 35-45 tutors on our team who are specialized in any academic area needed! We connect you with a tutor who fits your needs, personality and approach to learning!

Teacher & Student
Social Studies
English Grammar, Literature, and Writing

Elementary, Middle and High School Math

Not sure about this "new math"?  Have you forgotten how to add and subject fractions?  

Just what is the difference between GCF and LCM? 

Does Algebra make your head spin? 

Our tutors are current and understand frustration when trying to help your child with math homework.  We can help! 

Elementary and Middle School Science

Does your child have a research or hands-on project to complete?  

Let us help!  We can guide your through the process and work on any project with your child until completion.  

Writing and reading can be time consuming and overwhelming but don't let that get in the way of making it a a goal to have your child embrace and actually enjoy reading and writing!  Our tutors make reading and writing engaging with fresh approaches that deviate from traditional workbooks that bring reading and writing to life! 

From projects, research reports and stuyding those dates and historical facts, we've got you covered.  Our tutors are engaging and have fun learning facts using games and music.