Simply submit the on-line registration form or call us to receive more information and we will begin processing your request by responding with an email and/or phone call.    We are usually able to place a tutor within two days.  

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How do I request a tutor? 

Our services are family friendly and green.  Upon receipt of your Registation Form, you will receive log in information to access our Client Handbook and Agreement Form. We will begin working on assigning the most suitable tutor from our team and notify you by emailing you with a Tutor Profile for your review.  Upon your approval, the tutor will contact you to introduce her/himself and set up the tutoring sessions. 

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How does Learning Styles Tutoring Work?

We provide teaching and home school teaching services for elementary students, Pre-k thru 6th grade in all subjects. Please visit our Services page for more detailed information. 

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What can I get help with?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

Tutoring sessions are 55 minutes long. The rate varies depending on the  subject and grade.   Typical rates run anywhere from $35-$45/session. Home schooling rates run $15-$30/hr depending on the number of teaching hours per week.   Depending on the student and the needs, sessions can be scheduled for more than one session at a time. Tutoring can take place one day per week or multiple days.  It simply depends on the needs and family budget. 

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Sessions and schedules are maintained through our online portal.  You can track progress, hours and make payments through our online system.  

How do I track my sessions and schedule?

Once a tutor is assigned to work with your student, that tutor works with the student for the duration of the assignment unless a change needs to be made due to scheduling or personality conflicts.  We strive to make the most suitable match possible the first tme, so we seldom have the need to change tutors. 

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Can I work with the same tutor again?